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Information note

Information note

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Courtyards in Palma

In Palma’s old town there are a great number of stately homes that in the past belonged to the nobility and that today, either preserve their own identity or have been sold to institutions or private individuals.

Their history goes back to the 13th century, after the conquest, and ends architectonically in the 18th century with important refurbishment works. The city is very lucky to have them.

They are mainly good size houses, with over 500 m² per floor. Their three-story classical structure has very high ceilings with evident Italian influences. These houses include wide cobbled courtyards big enough to let carriages in. They are decorated with plants and usually have a well in the entrance way to recollect rainwater. In general, the interior decoration of these houses is austere, although very elegant and of high quality.

It is also important to applaud the Government’s initiative of the so-called “Courtyard Route in Palma”, thanks to which you can learn more about the history of over 40 courtyards. If you want to book a visit, you only have to contact the City Council’s Tourist Information Centre in Palma. The visits are about 2 hours long and cost 5 €. All groups are accompanied by an expert guide.

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