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Information note

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Cabrera National Park

The Archipelago of Cabrera consists of a group of islands and islets. It is located about 10 km to the south of Mallorca and is has been a Maritime-Terrestrial National Park since the 12th of April of 1991. It is an insular area preserved in its natural condition. It includes an ecosystem of high ecological value, including one of the best preserved sea beds in the Mediterranean.

On the island of Cabrera prehistoric remains from the Bronze Age have been found. There is evidence that in 398 there was an Early Christian Monastery, remains of which have been discovered in the area of Es Clot des Guix.

In the Classical Age, Cabrera had a great importance in terms of maritime routes in the Mediterranean, as you can appreciate from the different remains of Punic and Roman ships that sunk in its waters.

In 1809, during the independence war against Napoleon’s French troops and after the victory of the Battle of Bailén and the capitulation of the imperial army, 6000 French prisoners were confined in Cabrera, where they spent five years in very harsh conditions, suffering from diseases, starvation and a great misery, and killing 3400 of them.

If you want to visit Cabrera, 10 nautical miles to the south coast of Mallorca, either you have to join a guided tour or obtain a special permit for private boats.

If you want to join the guided tour, you can take a boat to the island from the harbour of Sa Colònia de Sant Jordi.

The park covers an area of 10 021 hectares, of which 8703 constitute the marine space and 1318 represent the terrestrial area of the park. The climate is semi-arid; this conditions the vegetation, with an abundance of bushes and some tree species, among which pine is the most common. The only mammal which has not been introduced by humans is the bat.

The most characteristic animal in Cabrera is the sargantana (lizard). This small reptile is endemic to the Balearic Islands and has different features according to the island on which it lives due to thousands of years of evolution with no predators.

It is an excellent spot for the observation and study of birds and their migratory patterns.

Cabrera has a strong military record.Some parts of the island are restricted due to the presence of armament that has not been exploded.

Among the enclaves of interest, it is important to highlight the castle, with views over the port. Because of the fragility of the surroundings and with the aim of not disturbing the different species that live in the park, you can only visit the delimited areas located around the port of Cabrera. If you ask for a permit, you can go on a guided tour across the island.


The park has an interpretation centre in Sa Colònia de Sant Jordi, where you can discover firsthand the natural richness that makes this island deserve the maximum protection.

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Trips to Cabrera

Daily departures from Sa Colònia de Sant Jordi at 9:30 am

Phone: +34 971649034

Cruceros Llevant

Departures from Porto Petro: Fridays at 9:30 am

Phone: +34 971657012

Es Celler Museum

Information centre and reception of Cabrera Natural Park

Phone: +34 630982363

Services: permanent exhibitions, guided tours, exhibition hall, videos, environment education and social volunteering programs. There is also another information centre in the harbour of Cabrera.

Coastal rescue and safety service: 900 202 202

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